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I don’t know what it is, old age or perhaps something else, but…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Do you think she’ll find me here?

my kitty has recently started to beg for leftovers. After 14 years, she’s become a pest at begging, pacing the coffee table or pacing for us to give her something. Of course, we don’t. Well, maybe a piece of meat now and then or she gets to lick our ice cream bowls. She’s been doing that for years, but that’s pretty much it. Honest. It’s that damn dog, I’m sure of it!  She’s picking up his bad manners.  The difference is, he can’t jump on the counter to get into what she can.

Earlier this morning, she had yowled something fierce to go outside.  It wasn’t until sometime after she’d yowled to come back in, that she launched the erring meal.

I was heading to my office and there it was…

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